One of the most prominent features of Tiwan Code is the ability to send tenders, auctions and special sales, so that a large number of users can see them. Companies, organizations, wholesalers, shopkeepers and any kind A supplier of goods or services can introduce their capabilities, goods and services to others.



The motivation of Tivan Code Company is to provide an environment where everyone can provide their secret needs, anytime and anywhere.



Gathering a large collection of companies, suppliers of goods and services, which allows you to easily search among them and finally supply your product.



An interactive environment for vendors and suppliers to share their capabilities, capabilities, products and services with others.


In the direction of e-commerce, Tamin Kodeh Taiwan Company has provided an environment for suppliers and sellers of goods and services on the Internet, anytime and anywhere, to interact and communicate with each other. The business model of Tavan Code Code Company is based on B2B and C2B models.

Business t Business Marketing, also known as B2B for short, involves selling a product or service of one company or supplier of goods or services to another company. Thus, in B2B marketing one company is the customer of another company’s goods or services.

Business to Customer Marketing (B2C) is a form of marketing in which a company sells its products and services directly to the end consumer. In marketing, companies and manufacturers and sellers introduce their goods and services to consumers.

Tavan Code Tivan Company is not an advertising website

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Tamin Kodeh Tiwan Company is not an advertising website and it is something beyond that that allows you to have special tenders, auctions and sales in addition to introducing your abilities, goods and services.

As a supplier

You can bid on customers or other people. We are looking to bring your business online so you can easily grow your business.

As a supplier

As a supplier or company that provides goods or services, you can have a special auction or sale in addition to your introduction and your background and work experience and abilities.

As a normal user

As a regular user, you can make a bid and suppliers will give you bids.As a regular user, you can make a bid and suppliers will give .

As a normal user

You are a customer and therefore you can see a list of special auctions and salesYou are a customer and therefore you can see a list of special auctions and sales

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We are looking to provide you with a virtual office to improve your business needs.

Why choose code supply?

Providing a suitable place code for introducing large and small manufacturers (industrial, non-industrial and workshop), commercial companies, service importers and exporters of goods, agencies and all guilds, including sellers, shopkeepers, home businesses, and any other Someone who wants to offer himself and his goods and services to customers in a large market alongside others.In order to introduce electronic marketing and companies, manufacturers, Iranian importers and the possibility of selling the goods and services of these companies to customers, the company has provided the website of Tamin Kodeh.

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